Bailey & Ehrenberg Client Wins Judgment Against FCC in High Profile Case

A Bailey & Ehrenberg client repeatedly complained to Federal Communications Commission officials that her colleague in the next cubicle was viewing pornography on his work computer. After years of complaints went unaddressed, an investigation by the Agency’s Inspector General disclosed that the employee frequently searched for pornography during the work day and had several pornographic images on a shared drive on his work computer.

Our client had been regarded as a top employee at the agency who was given the honorary title “Chief of Staff,” promoted, and always given bonuses. After she complained, she was stripped of important work duties, denied bonuses, and taken off the track for further promotion.

“Anybody but the federal government would have fired him, and would have been able to,” BE attorney Peters told Politico. “It absolutely poisoned her entire career.”

After years of intensive litigation, our client prevailed on summary judgment on her claim that she was retaliated against for complaining about pornography viewing.

Read the full article in Politico, “FCC official retires amid complaints about porn viewing.”


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