Severance Negotiations

B&E represents executives and other employees who are experiencing transition in employment. Whatever the asserted reason for the termination of employment – a downsizing, perceived employment deficiencies – B&E can help. Depending on the specific situation, B&E will work behind the scenes or negotiate directly with your employer. In some cases, B&E will assist you in precipitating your departure with your employer before your employer even gives you notice that your employment will be terminated. In every severance case, B&E will assist you in addressing, and confronting, the following considerations:

  • The level of severance compensation, including the disposition of any outstanding bonuses, commissions, or stock options.
  • The extent of any continuing medical coverage.
  • The extent of any other employee benefit plans, such as any pension plans, 401(k) plans, short or long-term disability plans, and the like.
  • The enforceability of any restrictive employment covenants.

Many employers find that a negotiated severance package is a useful tool. It not only avoids costly litigation, it also improves the morale of employees that stay with a company, by making all involved feel that they have been treated fairly. Of course, should severance negotiations fail, and the client is committed, B&E has the skill and resources to aggressively pursue any employment claims through to resolution.

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